IMDB: 6.9 | 22 min | n/A
Actors: Jim Carrey, Frank Langella, Catherine Keener, Judy Greer, Cole Allen, Juliet Morris, Bernard White, Coda Boesel, Juliocesar Chavez, Julitta Scheel, Mary Faber, Dan Garza, Ginger Gonzaga, Justin Kirk, Christopher Baskerville, Gwen Hollander, Samira Izadi, Calah Lane, Andrew Tinpo Lee, Barry Rothbart, Zackary Arthur, Kelly Coffield Park, Brayden Titus, Karen Malina White, Michael Eshaun York, Evan Alex, Nicole Marie Appleby, Aiden Arnold, Chuck Ashworth, Jayden Bartels, Myrat Bayram, Jennifer Sun Bell, Jaeden Bettencourt, Maximus Birchmore, Joey Brooks, Jernard Burks, Jason Caceres, Christopher Cendana, David Chan, Orson Chaplin, Dorien Davies, Celine Dela Montanye, Reyn Doi, Julie Dove, Frank Drank, Brooke Fontana, Anders Garrett, Khalid Ghajji, Reese Gonzales, Sofia Gonzalez
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Description: Jeff, aka Mr. Pickles, is an icon of children's television, a beacon of kindness and wisdom to America's impressionable young minds and the parents who grew up with him - who also anchors a multimillion-dollar branding empire. But when this beloved personality's family - wife, two sons, sister and father - begins to implode, Jeff finds no fairy tale or fable or puppet will guide him through the crisis, which advances faster than his means to cope. The result: a kind man in a cruel world faces a slow leak of sanity as hilarious as it is heartbreaking. Written by Showtime